mit: Rachael Wellisch, Emma Gardner (both AUS), Claudia-Maria Luenig (A/D)

Vernissage: Freitag, 30. November, 2018, 19 Uhr

Ausstellung: 1. – 12. Dezember 2018
Begrüßung durch S.E. Dr. Brendon Hammer (AUS, Botschaft)
Zur Ausstellung: Lucas Gehrmann

Wild Remembering is a collaborative project by Emma and Rachael with environmental and social inequality themes. It is an evolving project of artworks presented in both Australia and Austria. Wild Remembering is presented with the support of the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Rachael Wellisch (www.rachaelwellisch.com) uses natural indigo dye, textiles, installation and performance in response to environmental concerns. Drawing on the traditions of indigo dyeing that exist throughout the world, indigo is used to explore the entangled relationships between nature and culture. The work addresses consumption, sustainability and waste using recycled, salvaged and recuperated materials. Cyclical connections, labour and time are key elements in the process based practice.

Through the practice of drawing Emma Gardner’s (www.emagardner.com) work engages with process, labour and self-portraiture to comment on identity politics. She references the witch archetype and folklore tales to engage with ideas about ritual, ceremony, and a re-connection to nature, self and spirit. The performative in the work lays in the indexical nature of the cyanotype – the absence of her form becomes cast through the presence of her shadow and moments captured in time. performance and collaboration.

The work of Claudia-Maria Luenig (claudiamarialuenig.com) evolves around the absence and presence of the body and how this change textile works in space anew. Frequently she adapts herself into the created and formed textile body forms or skins, slips into these and therefore allows her own body to attempt a measurement of the changes. The ever-changing layers appear in the treated textiles as the spatial positioning of the new sculptures, titled „Formable“ and underline the moving image in new structure and form.